Are you experiencing constant pain, and find that your daily movements are limited?

Take a moment to consider the limitations placed on your life by pain and weakness

More than likely, you have limits you don’t know exist because our brains are very good at compensating and adapting, which is great if you have a huge injury that can’t be corrected, not so great if your brain doesn't know that your injury has healed. This is where M.A.T.® (muscle activation techniques) can help.


Our first goal is to eliminate as many physical limitations as possible to return your body to an active and functional level.

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M.A.T.® Muscle Activation TechniquesWHAT IS M.A.T.®

M.A.T.® (Muscle Activation Techniques) is a unique and effective way of assessing the function of the human body’s muscles...

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Jason Frank, Wildman WellnessABOUT JASON

I only care about one thing! What can we do to make you feel and function better? I like to think of all my clients as not just...

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Is it time to get back to being You?  Sure is, the sooner the better!

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that you are entering a position of weakness and possible injury. Pain and instability can effect everything you do not only in the gym, yoga studio, work, or daily functions, but also has profound effects on your sleep!

Here are just a few of the common issues I frequently see and have been able to increase the quality of life for my clients:

  • Difficulty climbing stairs in your home
  • Standing for long periods of time becomes painful
  • Unable to fully extend your legs even after stretching
  • Taking your daily walk is slow, uncomfortable, and painful
  • Were in an accident or fall and haven't been the same since
  • Reaching up above your head to change a light bulb is difficult
  • Sitting in a chair at the end of the day is not comfortable
  • Having trouble getting a good nights sleep
  • Suffering from shooting pains going down one or both legs
  • or are an athlete and want to improve your mobility

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