After a severe car accident a few decades ago, my body has more hardware and scoliosis that really challenges my doctors. After regularly seeing Jason, I see how truly unbalanced my body is and what my pain triggers are. Not having a “normal” body frame from the accident, Jason uses his experience as a nurse and his M.A.T. training and intelligence to move my body into stable, safe, and correct positions. Once he has activated the correct muscles, he then shows me the proper forms of exercise and movements to maintain my pain free existence. With regular maintenance visits I have avoided many surgical interventions and live a very comfortable life now.”

Shirley Dalton


Jason has an amazing ability to know exactly what muscles need to be worked in order to give me relief. I would highly recommend his M.A.T. treatments!

Cecelia Roesch


My wife and I have lived with moderate to severe back and other aches and pains plaguing us off and on for years. We lead an active life and went to Jason with open minds for treatment after our nephew recommended him. After the first treatment, we both left feeling better than we have in years with little or no pain! Occasionally, something will flare up and with a follow up session, Jason gets us back in action. We would highly recommend Jason’s treatments to anyone wanting to get rid of those pesky aches and pains.

Rich and Tena H.


I am a 71 year old active woman who was tired of not doing all that I enjoy doing-hiking, gardening, playing with grandkids! I have been working with Jason following a hip replacement. Due to favoring my right hip and leg for over a year prior to surgery, I had lots of pain and muscle weakness. Now, thanks to Jaons, I am almost pain free and am getting stronger and stronger.

I cannot say enough about Wildman Wellness LLC and Jason Frank- professional, kind, caring, encouraging. I’m becoming a new, better me- thanks Jason!

Carolyn Thomton


I was dealing with debilitating pain in the back of my rib cage for months. I was no longer able to enjoy backpacking, biking, or wieght lifting. I tried every remedy I could think of; rest, chiropractic, stretching/yoga, Reiki, anti-inflamatory medications, all with no luck. Everyone said it was a rib injury and it would just take a long time to heal. Then I met Jason in the Inner Connections Yoga Center, and took one of his MAT pamphlets home to read. I called him and he listened patiently. He didn’t believe it was a rib injury and that the cause of my symptoms was actually muscles shut down in the gluteus area; a common problem. After one MAT session, half the pain was gone! After two sessions, I was back to enjoying all my activities again! I also have had chronic lower back pain, caused by 2 bulging discs, surrounding a disc pinching nerve. When my back goes “out”, it becomes almost impossible to do anything. But one MAT sessions with Jason and I’m back on the road to recovery each time!

Jason is a dedicated, trained medical professional, and also a very kind man who sincerely wants to relieve suffering. If you are struggling with any type of chronic pain, I would highly recommend him!

Robert B