Wellness Services

Our bodies fight gravity from the moment we are born. Every second, every day of lives.  Unlike our cars, we don’t have the option to shut down for service.  Life’s physical demands, activities, and injuries are ongoing and can accumulate if not addressed promptly.

Using M.A.T.® (Muscle Activation Techniques) to Help those in Pain

Quite frequently I find in doing M.A.T.® that a muscle or position that causes pain, often has little or no connection to the cause.  Commonly, the muscle or associated muscles are simply complaining because they are doing the job of a muscle or limb that is not working!

Muscle Activation Techniques is a very unique and effective way of assessing the function of the human body’s individual muscles and their functions related to a person’s ROM (Range of Motion). The pain we all feel is non-specific and doesn’t necessarily highlight the actual problem.  Muscles and nerves are smart…but not that smart. For details, Click Here

What my clients can expect when they come to me

1) First, the goal is eliminate as many physical limitations as possible to return your body to an active and functional level. I prefer to work with your entire “health team” to assist you in reaching your goals and improve your life. Nobody knows everything about the human body. It’s a vastly complex, integrated system that meets our demands every minute of every day, but if “we” (your health team and you) work together, the chances are “we” can do great things!

2)  Second, to eliminate my client’s restrictions and make you stronger!  This stage is when you have reached your fitness goals and are functioning at a healthy optimal level and ready to take on the challenges of additional strength and range.

Many of my clients for various reasons do not want to necessarily expand their limits, rather:

  • They prefer to continue functioning optimally within their physical restrictions that have been placed on them from illness or injury.

    Perhaps they have other limitations due to structural changes (spinal fusions, joint replacements, amputations, neurological issues), which limit their ability to expand limits in certain ways.


    They prefer to use my services more as a monthly maintenance to help keep what they have gained and to address minor problems early before they become big issues.

3) Keep it going! Catch problems early and address them! Keep you strong, healthy, and resilient so you can go out and enjoy all the incredible things this world has to offer!

Let me help you get back to where you want to be, and beyond.  Please call or fillout the form to schedule an appointment today!